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30 octobre 2012

Hello reader and welcome!

Hi reader ! very nice to meet you, my name is Amber and you may know me as konekoLPS from youtube. Im dark blond and my favorite colour is yellow. It may seem stupid that I do LPS videos (LPS means littlest pet shop, if you didn't know) but I don't play with them, im telling ya im NOT ! i just do videos cause i like it and my mom also says that I have a talent for making videos so please don't laught at me....

I use a 3DS (that was given by my granma) for filming and then i edit it with windows movie maker but sometimes i use windows live movie maker to edit or the youtube editor to do fan made music videos.
"what is an fan made music video ?", you ask. well a fan made music video is when you do music videos for your fans on youtube.
"but can't you film the screen with your camera ?", you ask. well i can anwser that, the anwser is no because if you film it with your camera, you can't see it well. but if you have a program to record your screen you can film it. like for example i use "EZvid" to record my screen but i had the program after making the fan made music video and its kind of hard to film the screen.


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